Teaching Unfamiliar Content: Self Directed Learning

Module Description

Educators are often faced with the daunting task of teaching subjects or topics that they do not have expertise in based on decisions made by district and school leaders. Educators, however, must be continuous learners and should develop the ability to find their own gaps in understanding and practice self directed learning to empower them with content knowledge to teach unfamiliar content with confidence. In this module we will empower teachers with the skills they need to efficiently plan and prepare to learn how to study and teach new content. We will do this by setting a clear plan with objectives to identify what learners need to know, self assessing to continuously check for their own understanding and finally evaluating how effective their teaching has been. These skills will build confidence in the teacher and positively impact instruction and learning.

Module Objectives

Teachers will be able to prepare themselves to teach a subject that they are unfamiliar with effectively through setting a clear learning plan, continually assessing their content mastery and evaluating themselves for effectiveness.