Responding To Learners Who Do Not Meet Expectations

Module Description

Responding to students who do not meet expectations is simply an effective way of using redirections. Respectful redirection is a quick, in-the-moment strategy for providing students with corrective feedback. With respectful redirection, you get your students’ attention without making a big deal by using a calm tone, neutral body language, and clear, concise wording. In cases of emergencies, we may use a more strict tone, for example, when a student is hurting themselves or another student. We use the least invasive redirection or the one that minimally disrupts learning and still maintains a positive and or meaningful learning environment.

Module Objectives

  • Teachers will be able to plan action steps for students who do not meet their expectations
  • Teachers will able to identify the least invasive method of intervention or correction when students do not meet expectations so that learning time is minimally disrupted
  • Teachers will be able to redirect students who do not meet their expectations in a positive and productive manner.