Introduction to Spatial Sense

Module Description

When children begin to be aware of themselves and the world around them, they already begin to be spatially aware and use their spatial senses. Spatial awareness enables them to be conscious of the things around them as well as their location relative to them, understand the relationships between various objects, and imagine and interpret changes that take place in the position or size of shapes. In this module, teachers will learn and develop a practical sense to be able to plan and implement learning strategies that support learners’ development of Spatial awareness for learners in early Primary.

Module Objectives

Educators will be able to:  
  • Develop an understanding of what spatial sense is and how it affects mastering Mathematics in various contexts.
  • Plan and implement teaching and learning strategies that support learners’ conceptual knowledge, application, and fluency with Spatial sense.
  • Practice how to effectively foster the skills to generate information that cannot be directly observed to solve problems like estimating distance and size.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the correct language to describe things relative to their location, size, and position.
  • Relate skills to solve word problems and real-life situations involving Spatial awareness.