Introduction to Measurement in the Foundaton Phase (Mass & Volume)

Module Description

This is the second part of the Introduction to Measurement module for the Foundation Phase. In the first part, we focused on Length, Height, and Distance by introducing learners to reading measurements on a ruler or tape measure, and how to do conversions. Once learners master these, it will become easier for them to master measuring Volume and height. In this module, teachers will learn how to introduce Volume and Mass to learners in early primary.

Module Objectives

Educators will be able to:
  • Plan and implement teaching and learning strategies that support learners’ conceptual knowledge, application, and fluency with Mass and Volume.
  • Develop an understanding of measurement and measuring attributes including Mass and Volume
  • Identify and use appropriate units of measurement.
  • Effectively foster the use of the correct measurement language.
  • Demonstrate the ability to convert from one metric unit to another.
  • Illustrate the ability to accurately measure and estimate using standard and non-standard units of measurement by planning diverse learning activities.
  • Solve word problems and real-life situations involving measurement.