Introducing Learners to Measurement (length/height) in Early Grades

Module Description

Not a single day goes by in our lives where we do not apply measurement skills. From deciding how many teaspoons of sugar to put in our tea, deciding on the number of cups of milk you will drink, to counting the steps we did in a day, measuring helps us to quantify the world around us. That is why we need to ensure that learners master various types of Measurements. In this module, teachers will learn and develop a practical sense to be able to plan and implement learning strategies that support learners’ development of measurement units and attributes focusing on Length, Height, and Distance.

Module Objectives

Teachers will be able to: Plan and implement teaching and learning strategies that support learners’ conceptual knowledge, application, and fluency with measurement, specifically Length, Height, and Distance. Equip learners with knowledge of attributes, conservation, identification of units, and the ability to convert from one metric unit to another. Demonstrate understanding of some important aspects of measurement like estimation, recording, and questioning.