Check For Understanding With Dipsticking

Module Description

Unpacking Learning Outcomes is an essential first step in teaching is to identify key learning outcomes and what form of assessment aligns with those outcomes. This will give teachers clarity on exactly what students should know, be able to do and understand. When a teacher is able to know what a student already knows, they are able to guide them to what they need to learn. This way, the student is the one making meaning of understanding for themselves. This module will introduce teachers to a Understanding by Design planning approach that will focus on how to teach for understanding.

Module Objectives

  • Teachers will unpack standards using the three stages of backward design in an Understanding by Design framework.
  • Teachers will Identify big understandings and skills that students should be able to know, understand, and do.
  • Teachers will track if students are achieveing desired results and what will be accepted as evidence of understanding
  • Teachers will plan how to support learners through instruction and learning experience.