Assessing Learners Through Exit Tickets

Module Description

Often teachers will gauge student understanding in a lesson by looking at student engagement in a lesson. However, this is not a sure way to know if your students have grasped and showed mastery in a lesson. The use of Exit Tickets will not only establish a productive expectation about daily completed work for students, but also ensure that you always end the lesson with an objective check for understanding that you can take with you, analyze, and even bring back and reteach the next day if necessary. This module will empower teachers with skills to create their own Exit Tickets to use as an informal assessment strategy in their classrooms to improve instruction and foster meaningful student engagement.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module teachers will be able to assess students through exit tickets to check for student understanding by creating an exit ticket for an informal assessment. This will be done by:
  • Planning and designing an exit ticket that is aligned to lesson objectives
  • Identifying and posing short questions that check for student understanding
  • Giving student feedback, addressing misconceptions and reteaching